The Psychotropic Library

This project was created for LLCU-311 coding and data course at McGill University. Art direction, graphic design, CSS, HTML, and javascripting by Sofia Ajram. Information gathered by other group members. Project was hosted on McGill University web servers from 2014-2015.

The website The Psychotropic Library was a space dedicated to keeping recreational drug users informed. There, one could be assured they were in a safe and nonjudgmental place to gain knowledge about the general components of each drug, the effects they may have on a user, how to safely use these drugs and any risks that may be involved.

For this collaborative project, the team decided to go with a Parallax Scrolling Model for our website's framework.We believed that it would be a design structure that would add to the aesthetic of our project by taking viewers through an informative and visually vibrant experience. This model provided an organized and engaging approach to presenting information, allowing us to include several interactive components, while reflecting neutrality on the subject of drug use, since our project was about informing rather than condemning.

Highlights of our project include the use of infographics, picture galleries, data visualizations, and embedded music. We had also incorporated our own data that we had gathered through a survey that we administered online. 

Animated GIFs of the webpages below

Date: 2014
Client: McGill University
Role: Art direction, graphic design, CSS, HTML, javscripting